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Elias J. Hurst

Elias is a published chemist and founding member of Cyberpunk Day. His stories draw from his background in nanomaterials, millimeterwave communications, and photonics. Elias grew up in a small mountain town and currently resides in San Diego.


Jim Keen

“★★★★★ Jet fueled, apocalyptic sci-fi thrillers.”

I grew up in a rainy Manchester surrounded by burned out warehouses and Joy Division. I’ve run far since then, having lived in London, Sydney, and Brooklyn where I now draw Sci-Fi illustrations and write intense, gritty near-future thrillers.

You can get three FREE novellas plus a load of artwork, videos and monthly emails from 2050s New York at:


Tanweer Dar

I was born in Birmingham, in the United Kingdom. I studied Ancient & Medieval History at university and am a qualified teacher.

I enjoy science fiction, fantasy and horror, both in books and on screen, as well as collecting and painting miniatures and table top war gaming. I am a lover of art, music, film and classic computer games.

I have loved cyberpunk-themed films, games and music for many, many years. This, in part, inspired my cyberpunk science-fiction books. I have also written and published horror, poetry, fantasy and a children’s book.


Mark Everglade

Mark Everglade's mission is to give the people a voice; to pay respect to the cyberpunk elders, who created all this with little precedence to draw on, while inspiring new authors to carry their torch (with cybernetic arms of course, and the flames are virtual, and corps are trying to extinguish them). He lives in Tallahassee, FL and works as a social scientist.


Jon Richter

Do you enjoy the darker side of fiction?

If crime thrillers, sci-fi, cyberpunk, psychological chillers or good old-fashioned bone-freezing horror stories are up your (dark) alley, then head to for more information about my seven gripping books, including my latest release, psychological techno-thriller The Warden. You can also sign up for my mailing list to receive a FREE short story, as well as updates on all my upcoming projects!

You can also follow me on Twitter @RichterWrites, on Instagram @jonrichterwrites, or check out my fortnightly dark fiction podcast, Dark Natter, at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast fix.


Craig Lea Gordon

Craig Lea Gordon fell in love with Science Fiction at a very early age. His earliest memory is of bawling his eyes out on a Saturday morning when a shabby looking robot called Metal Mickey appeared on TV. It wasn't anything to do with the low budget production values, but instead because it had displaced Battle of the Planets, his favourite sci-fi program.

Shortly after he insisted that his parents christen their Ferguson Videostar by recording Battlestar Galactica. From the age of six, a good Christmas was defined by whether or not Star Wars was on TV. At 12 he made his Mum rent him a copy of Robocop, and he has never been the same since. Some say he has a hidden prime directive to create visions of a possible future.


Matt Adcock

Matt is a lover of all things virtual, sci-fi, superhero and theological...

Novelist, Blog Editor, Communications Professional, and a film and game reviewer for a group of newspapers.

He loves to interact with readers: Tweet him: @Cleric20


Stu Jones

Stu Jones is the author of multiple sci-fi/action/thriller novels, including the multi-award-winning It Takes Death To Reach A Star duology, written with co-author Gareth Worthington(Children of the Fifth Sun).

Known for his character-driven stories and blistering action sequences, Stu strives to create thought-provoking reading experiences that challenge the status quo. When he’s not chasing bad guys or writing epic stories, he can be found planning his next adventure to some remote or exotic place.

Stu is represented by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo-Helin-Fountain literary.


Marcos Antonio Hernandez

Latin American author Marcos Antonio Hernandez writes speculative fiction, specifically magical realism and science fiction


Eric Danhoff

Born in Chicago, Illinois and writing stories since the age of seven. Fiction, photography and reviews available at


Cypress Butane

Cypress Butane is my nom de plume though my works so far were published as Scott Thomas Smith, my given name. I have a few short pieces published around the web, and am currently at work on a novel, the first in a series. You can keep up with me at my homepage at


A.R.K. Watson

A.R.K. Watson began writing with both arms in braces as a broke college student. Her love of the written word drove her to start a business aimed at popularizing good books, while writing sci-fi and fantasy herself.

She is an American living abroad in South Korea, a world traveler, and cyborg enthusiast.

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