D.L. Young

D.L. is a Pushcart Prize nominee and winner of the Independent Press Award. A lifelong science fiction fan, his intense, fast-paced novels echo his many influences from books and movies, including William Gibson�s Sprawl trilogy, the Mad Max films, Akira, Blade Runner, Harlan Ellison, and the novels of Paolo Bacigalupi. If you like page-turning, edgy science fiction, you�re definitely his kind of reader. Get a FREE BOOK when you join his spam-free reader list at http://dlyoungfiction.com.

Nik Whittaker

Nik Whittaker broke into the independent fiction scene with his debut cyberpunk novel, Neon Helix, the first in the Neon Helix Universe series. Inspired by his love of science fiction and storytelling, he wanted to create his own worlds and characters to entertain others. He followed Neon Helix with The Omega Drive, a space opera, and the beginning of his second series.

Finding he always worked best through self-learning, Nik earned an Open University degree in English Language and Literature whilst working full time to pay the bills. He has since started working freelance as a copy and content writer alongside his writer.

Now, fueled by coffee, bourbon, and pure imagination he continues his journey into self-publishing.

Join him on his journey at www.nikwhittaker.com for all updates and information on upcoming projects.

Mark Everglade

Mark Everglade's mission is to give the people a voice; to pay respect to the cyberpunk elders, who created all this with little precedence to draw on, while inspiring new authors to carry their torch (with cybernetic arms of course, and the flames are virtual, and corps are trying to extinguish them). He lives in Tallahassee, FL and works as a social scientist.