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Elias J. Hurst

Elias is a published chemist and electro-optics researcher. With a background in toxicology, photonics, and millimeter wave communications, Elias draws from his diverse scientific experiences to create compelling future worlds.

His latest novel, Europa, is a cyberpunk thriller that follows a NASA scientist as he fights a powerful corporation seeking to weaponize a dangerous new technology.


A revered NASA scientist is on the run from a powerful corporation seeking to weaponize the technology he created. To stop them he must form new alliances in the dangerous underworld of Low City.

Mr. Stidz

Mr. Stidz, also known as Emanuel Garcia, is a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, and Tabletop RPG writer and designer in the fantasy and science fiction space. Mr. Stidz draws his inspiration from early 2000s games and films such as The Matrix, Minority Report, Ghost in the Shell, Bioshock, and more.

Mr. Stidz has provided free Tabletop RPGs Adventures to the Cyberpunk Red community due to his love of cyberpunk and role-playing. He now publishes his own adventures through DriveThruRPG and provides Game Mastering services to players in love with the genre.

His latest work, CRIME CITY, is a system neutral cyberpunk adventure. It gives the players the opportunity to explore Moriarty Yard district and uncover its dark secrets from hidden gangs and corrupt officials.

More projects will be available soon such as Mega Building One, a cyberpunk setting and adventure used for all systems.



Download the system-neutral #cyberpunk adventure. Inside the module, you will find a variety of maps, and full-color and black & white PDFs ready to download.

Let's hit the streets of Moriarty Yard!

Rachel E. Beck

Living on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California for over a decade turned one-time fantasy writer Rachel Beck into an author of the cyberpunk series The Glitch Logs. When not hammering out new stories by the light of a dying laptop, she also enjoys gaming, tabletop RPGs, and escaping the cyber dystopia to enjoy nature. Rachel is also the author of stand-alone fantasy novel Sommnium, The Dark Menagerie storied-jewelry series, and co-creator of The Dracula Files.


The mega corps own everything in Neosaka and it’s Glitch’s job to take it from them. When a heist goes wrong however, she’ll have to combine forces with her enemies to make it out alive. That would have been hard enough in a city already bankrupt of goodwill, but her would-be allies have agendas of their own.

Matthew A. Goodwin

Matthew A. Goodwin has loved cyberpunk since he first read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Neuromancer as a child. The questions the genre asks about morality, humankind’s relationship with technology, increasing corporate control, the ‘bread and circus’ nature of entertainment and the fusion of man with machine have fascinated him throughout his life.

His novel series A Cyberpunk Saga seeks to explore these themes in a fast-paced action adventure.


Into Neon: A Cyberpunk Saga (Book 1) is a classic hero’s journey set in a high tech / low life world aptly described by one reviewer as “Star Wars meets blade runner in an awesome adventure.”

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