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Glitch Logs

Rachel E. Beck

From Book 1: "Runners are moths. Doesn't matter how perfect a machine you build. There's a weakness there, and Runners will find a way to exploit it."The neon-washed streets of Neosaka are a hard place to make a living. Glitch, a hacker with more of a talent for computers than people, barely scrapes by as a Runner, stealing from the massive corporations that run her city. One night, on the 189th floor of a high-security surveillance company, everything falls apart.What should have been a simple data grab turns deadly when a rival crew shows up. They're looking for the same prize and don't care who they have to kill to get it. Computer savvy won't be enough this time. With a relentless security force on the way, Glitch must find a way to ally with her enemies if any of them are to survive. That would be hard enough if some of her prospective allies didn't also have their own hidden agendas... Cyberpunk fans are calling The Glitch Logs "quick paced, complex, and enthralling", "an experience that feels authentic", "non-stop action", and "the best thing out of the Matrix since Neo".



Crime City: A Cyberpunk TTRPG Adventure

Mr. Stidz

Welcome to CRIME CITY, a system-neutral cyberpunk adventure! Against the backdrop of a cyberpunk setting, the Player Characters (PCs) must uncover secrets and clues behind the gruesome crimes of Pierrot Street.

Inside the adventure module, you will find...

A variety of maps to use as reference.
Pre-made NPCs for ease of use during gameplay.
Easy-to-use mechanics for all types of systems.
Different interests provide motives for the PCs to get involved with the adventure.
A versatile adventure that can be a sandbox or linear experience.
Ready-to-print handouts for players.
Mini-games for certain encounters to keep your players on their toes.
And an engaging story that will keep your players wanting more!
The setting in this adventure can be implemented in any homebrew or published cyberpunk/sci-fi world. It takes place in a district called Moriarty Yard. Gangs and conglomerate corporations struggle against one another for power. The residents and commoners stand on the brink of anarchy, and any tip of the scales may result in catastrophe for middle- and lower-class people. There are four main areas where your players can explore: Grab A Grub restaurant, South Moriarty Yard Docks (SMYD), Pierrot Street, and District Container Yard near SMYD.


Neo Cyberpunk: The Anthology

Matthew A. Goodwin, Anna Mocikat, and More

A clone searching for her identity, an android out of control, a young man fleeing from killer-cyborgs, a synthwave DJ whose music slays, a deadly videogame – and a very hungry cyber-croc.

Welcome to the world of Neo Cyberpunk!

Fifteen of the hottest contemporary cyberpunk authors have joined forces to create a unique anthology. In this book readers will find the full spectrum of modern-day cyberpunk, full of action, mystery, technology and humanity.


Into Neon: A Cyberpunk Saga

Matthew A. Goodwin

Into Neon: A Cyberpunk Saga (Book 1) is a classic hero’s journey set in a high tech / low life world aptly described by one reviewer as “Star Wars meets blade runner in an awesome adventure.”


Europa: A Cyberpunk Chronicle

Elias J. Hurst

A revered NASA scientist is on the run from a powerful corporation seeking to weaponize the technology he created. To stop them he must form new alliances in the dangerous underworld of Low City.


Code Flicker

Marlin Seigman

Implants can deliver medical code directly to the brain. Now code is the drug of choice. Jacob Quince is a code flicker - a hacker writing illegal medical code and selling it in the streets. The future doesn't look too bright. But that's about to change when he gets a job offer with a payout he can't refuse. All he has to do is hack his former employer, one of the world’s largest corporations, and steal their latest experimental implant and medical code. Soon he finds himself being pulled deeper into a life he’s trying to escape and discovering the payout may not be worth the price.



Mark Everglade

Light is currency, light is big business on the eternally dark hemisphere of Evig Natt. Severum Rivenshear must investigate an organization intent on bringing light to everyone, rich and poor alike, by increasing the planet’s rotation speed. But will he be forced to betray the system he’s sworn to protect?


Behind Blue Eyes

Anna Mocikat

For fans of Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and Altered Carbon.

They are the perfect hybrid between human and machine. They are the next step in the evolution of mankind.

And when they come after you, nothing in the world will save you…

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